I began exploring photography while living abroad with my husband. My passion for motherhood was born and reborn with the birth of each of our two daughters, Leyla, and Rumi. I believe there’s nothing more beautiful than the love and connection between a mother and her children. I’m here to capture it. 

But golden hour is at bedtime, I have nothing to wear because I really live in loungewear. I’ll have photos done when I have more time, when I feel as gorgeous as I did on my wedding day… I get it! I’ve been there!

But then the kids grow up. Way too fast. Your motherhood is beautiful, and deserves to be honored and documented. Now is the perfect time.

Behind the lens

Olivia Steele

I’m a nature girl and an introvert. Quality time is my love language. I'm passionate about capturing the love and connection of motherhood so you can savor the moments with those you love most.

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