I'll guide you, which feels more like being encouraged to touch and love on each other. I'll hold onto your hair ties (off wrists, please!) and dad's cellphone (that outline in the pocket doesn't have a place in your family photos). And if your kids are more into play and less into cuddle, I'll get sweaty chasing them around so you don't have to. Whatever way your family is, that's what I'll document.  Your authentic love and connection.

play with and love on your family while I guide and snap away

Your Session

Relaxed and intimate, these sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. You love on your perfect little babe while I capture your family's connection. 


A session to honor this beautiful season of your motherhood. Sessions take place outdoors during golden hour, and include partner and siblings. 


All sessions, with the exception of in-home sessions, take place outdoors an hour before sunset. Specific times vary depending on time of year.   

Session details



Honoring you and the beauty of motherhood by focusing on your love for your babes.

A combination of me guiding and following your children's lead. Come as you are and I'll capture your crew. 

I would absolutely love to document your family's love and connection!